September 11th, 2019

Statement from Emilie Taman on the Official Kickoff of the 43rd General Election

The following statement was issued by Emilie Taman, NDP candidate for Ottawa Centre, on the official kickoff of the 43rd general election:

The wait is over and the election is finally underway. I know from the months I've spent knocking on doors in Ottawa Centre that people are tired of tinkering, they want us to be bold.

Jagmeet Singh and I are in it for you, but here's who we're not in it for:

We're not in it for Canada's billionaires, just two of them whom have amassed as much wealth as 11 million Canadians combined. That's why we're going to put a wealth tax on fortunes above $20 million so that the opportunities enjoyed by a fortunate few can be shared by all.

We're not in it for the fossil fuel companies, who are prepared to extract and burn their way to climate catastrophe for short term profits. That's why we're going to stop giving them corporate welfare, and invest in renewable energy on an ambitious scale.

We're not in it for big pharma, who are charging Canadians exorbitant prices for life-saving prescription drugs. That's why we're going to bring in a national pharmacare program, where no one has to pay out of pocket for the medicine they need.

While Liberals and Conservatives are in it for the ultra-rich and well-connected corporations, only the NDP has the courage to challenge the vested interests that are holding our country back. There is too much at stake for half measures: with a climate emergency and growing income inequality, we need bold solutions that will upset those who benefit from the status quo.

Let’s work for the kind of Canada that Paul Dewar, Ed Broadbent and countless thousands of Ottawa Centre residents have devoted their lives to achieving. Let’s work to put people and the planet first.

We’re in it for you, and I hope you’ll join us.