Montfort hospital saga, 20 years later

On February 24th 1997, the provincial government announced it would close it

Twenty years ago today the provincial government announced it was going to close our Montfort hospital. In an unprecedented gesture, the people of Vanier came together to stop its closure. Not only was the Montfort saved but the community became stronger and more connected. Today it remains the only fully francophone hospital in Ontario.

The Montfort is the heart of our community. It’s where many of us were born, where we go when we need care and it’s there for us at the end of our days.

All three of my children were born at the Montfort. I can never express how grateful I am for the support we received in the neonatal intensive care unit when my son was born prematurely. The quality of care and support we received from all the staff got us through a scary time.

As the demand on the hospital goes up it is critical that the Montfort receives the level of funding it needs, to maintain the quality of care we need.

I promise that I will always be a champion for the Montfort hospital and I will do everything within my power to ensure it remains the place we can count on to take care of us whenever we need it. 


Emilie Taman