Emilie Taman set to prove Ottawa-Vanier is ready to elect an NDP candidate


OTTAWA - With the by-election called for April 3rd, Emilie Taman, candidate for the New Democratic Party of Canada, is ready to prove that the people of Ottawa-Vanier can make history and break the Liberal streak in the riding. 

“With the support we‘re finding at the door, I truly believe that Ottawa-Vanier will elect the strong progressive voice we need to hold the government to account,” said Emilie Taman. “People are really worried that the Prime Minister is backing away from the promises he made to Canadians in the last election. Many are frustrated that he says the right things but fails to put them into concrete actions that actually help people.” 

The Prime Minister has backed away from many of his key commitments, including electoral reform and approving pipelines without tightening environmental regulations. 

“Instead of focusing on improving the quality of jobs in Canada, his government has said that we should get used to a future of more part-time and temporary work,” said Taman. “If our government continues to focus on the priorities of the well-connected rather than those struggling to make ends meet, many of the people in Ottawa-Vanier will continue to slip further behind. This is just not acceptable.”

Most troubling to Taman is the government’s new legislation that will allow American border security to arrest Canadians on Canadian soil. 

“In the last election, the people of Ottawa-Vanier rejected the politics of fear and division created by the Conservative government. We voted for hope and a better future,” said Taman. “Now, with the election of Donald Trump south of the border and Trump-style politics dominating Canada’s Conservative party, there is heavy pressure on our Prime Minister to pull our country to the right. We need more New Democrats in the House of Commons to stop this from happening.”

Emilie Taman’s campaign is under way with volunteers already hard at work. Her campaign office located at 81 Montreal Rd is now open from 10 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, and noon to 9 PM on Sunday.

Included with the release is a headshot of Ms. Taman that media outlets are invited to use in their publications.

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For more information please contact: 

Cedric Williams, Communications Manager, 613-222-9759 or cedric@ndp.ca