Don't let our government sell out our sovereignty to Trump's border agents

Whereas Bill C-23 implements the Agreement on Preclearance between Canada and the United States of America;

Whereas Bill C-23 neglects to take into account the climate of uncertainty at the border following the discriminatory policies and executive orders of the Trump Administration;

Whereas Bill C-23 does not address Canadians’ concerns about being interrogated, detained and turned back at the border, on Canadian soil, based on race, religion, travel history or birthplace as a result of policies that may contravene the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

Whereas Bill C-23 does nothing to ensure that Canadians’ right to privacy will be protected during searches of electronic devices; and

Whereas Bill C-23 violates Canadian sovereignty by increasing the powers of American preclearance officers on Canadian soil with respect to the carrying of firearms and by not properly defining a criminal liability framework.”

We call on the Prime Minister to oppose Bill C-23, in its current form, to protect rights and freedom at the border.

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